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Hyena trapped in Lower Sabie rest camp.

A hyena was trapped in Lower Sabie Rest camp..more
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Hyena spotted inside Sabie Rest Camp

A Hyena was spotted in the Lower Sabie rest c..more
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Hyaena attack at Crocodile Bridge

SANParks announces today an unfortunate incid..more
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Wild Dog Pack wiped out by Canine Distemper

A pack of wild dogs succumbed to the Canine D..more
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Poachers shot and killed in Kruger Park

Two Poachers were killed in a shoot out with ..more
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Ranger loses life in Kruger Park shooting

It has been reported that a Park Ranger lost ..more
2016-09-04 06:42:28

Kruger Idiots: To name and shame or not

Naming and shaming me on social media might make me angry, it might lead to a bloody nose if I met you but not much else...more
2016-09-01 08:15:01

South African Safari Guide complains about little kak complaints

Guide Ruan Mey posted a complaint in a group Guides and Rangers on facebook..more
2016-08-31 00:48:17

Lions kill Buffalo - Graeme Mitchley

When I arrived the mating lions were right next to the road...more
2016-07-20 04:30:44

Do not feed the animals in the Kruger National Park

Feeding animals leads to one of two results..more
2016-07-12 12:15:48

Picking a fight with a Rhino in the Kruger Park

Man throwing rocks at Rhino in the Kruger National Park..more
2016-06-29 12:23:51

Rhino charges tourist.

In the video below you will see the White Rhino make a mock charge before it becomes a danger...more
2016-06-29 08:46:25

Cape Buffalo attack lions

In the video attached you will see how terrified a lion is trapped by Buffalo..more
2016-06-27 13:32:55

African Elephants kill tourists

Elephants kill an average of 2000 people per year..more
2016-06-20 07:29:47

African Lion Safari

The African Lion is a magnificent beast and seeing it roaming in the wild is an experience never to forget...more