The best breakfast search is on

The best breakfast search is onI am hunting the best breakfast in the Lowveld. Over the last few months I have eaten breakfast at various places and will continue to do so in the coming months. So far I am impressed with the Spur breakfast at Ilanga mall, less so at West End. The Spur breakfast offers value for money, I haven't found a cheaper breakfast yet, Also their add ons can make the budget breakfast a real breakfast,

At the time I was not doing a rating system, How can you decide if something is best without a criteria right, so I am about to develop a rating system so that I can easily discern the best, but we are going one step further, we are going to be checking how these breakfasts affect Mel's blood sugar. This is the biggest problem we had with the Spur breakfast, It seems to be a diabetics nightmare. Mel's sugar was through the roof after our last visit.

We will be checking her before levels and after levels at the next visit. The last weekend we visited Salvadors in Kaapschehoop. Pepper went with for the trip and was welcomed at Salvadors, In fact she got better service than we did, The bowl of water in a real dog bowl got to the table before we settled down. Pepper gives service here 3 woofs.

The coffee was a little weak for my taste, I like it strong, Mel thought it was average. We had Cappucinos with cream. They arrived fast enough, Salvadors have a sign saying they don't do fast food and the breakfast wasn't the fastest I had been served, but the bacon, eggs and cheese griller were all well prepared, Mel commented that they didn't know what over easy was as her eggs arrived sunny side up, just the way I like mine.

They were not schnoep and placed enough butter and jam with the toast, so I didn't have to send back the margarine.

After Breakfast we took a leisurely stroll out to the edge of the world which Pepper enjoyed getting to meet and talk to a few other dogs and lots of friendly people.
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