The best Breakfast - The search is on

The best Breakfast - The search is onBest Breakfast The search is on

Our goal is to find the best value for money breakfast in the Lowveld. Because budget breakfasts vary from restaurant to restaurant, our criteria need to be fluid, so we are going to define a budget breakfast as a meal for two including coffee for R 150.00 or less. The breakfast search will take place with a weekly visit to a restaurant, cafe or coffee shop.

To level the playing field our criteria is going to be bacon and eggs with whatever extras on the menu will fit our budget. The tip will be added on to the R 150.00. If bacon and eggs are not available we will eat something else within the budget.

Points will be scored as follows

  • Kitchen Service 5 points

    1. Presentation, did it look yummy

    2. Was the food prepared as requested,

    3. Did it arrive hot?

    4. Was it as tasty as it looked?

    5. Kitchen Cleanliness

  • Wait service 5 points

    1. Was the waitron friendly and introduced themselves effectively

    2. Were we offered and brought drinks rapidly

    3. How long did the food take to arrive

    4. Did the waitron make an effort to ensure we were satisfied

    5. How long did we wait for the bill

  • Incidentals 5 points

    1. How good was the coffee

    2. Sugar/Sweeteners offered

    3. Was Butter offered with the toast

    4. Were add ons offered that fitted the budget

  • Value for money Scale 5 points

    1. What else was on the plate?

    2. Portion sizes

    3. Price

There will be two of us judging the breakfasts normally and on occasion maybe more. All the points will be tallied and divided by the number of people to get a score out of fifteen, which will then be divided by three to give us a tally out of five.

Each point will change the colour of the tomato from green to red. A green tomato being, No don't bother to fully red at hell yes, this is a great breakfast.

We will also have a value for money scale alongside the tomato which will be a score out of 5 for value.

We will also put a bloodsugar scale so that diabetics can prepare for an overly sugary meal. 1 being too much sugar and 5 being diabetic safe.

And if pets can visit we will add Peppers seal of approval.

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