Rhino charges tourist.

Rhino charges tourist.There are two types of Rhino that roam the Mpumalanga Lowveld. The White Rhino who is the more placid of the two and the Black Rhino. The White and Black Rhino are not named for their colour but because of a mispronunciation of a dutch word. The White Rhino has a wide mouth and the Dutch referred to it as Wyd which got translated to White.

The Hook lipped Rhino was then called the black Rhino, possibly because it can seem a little darker than the White Rhino. The Black Rhino is known as an aggressive beast compared to most and will charge without compunction. There is a legend told of a black Rhino on the Salisbury plains that would attack labouring trucks going up the hill and end their suffering. The tale ended when the Rhino took on the Salisbury express derailing it and killing the Rhino in the process.

There are two difference between the White and Black Rhino making their identification simpler. The mouth we already discussed but from afar it is not that easy to see them. The black Rhino tends to have a taller and skinnier horn than the White Rhino, If you see a Rhino from a distance and the Horn is really long it's more than likely a black Rhino.

In the video below you will see the White Rhino make a mock charge before it becomes a danger. If a Rhino suggests that you bugger off, It is in your best interests not to hang around. Rhino don't kill many people but you could become that 2nd person for the year, if your car doesn't take an enormous amount of damage and you survive.

Rhino are the victim of poaching because the sub-intelligent believe that Rhino horn is a great way to enhance your manhood. The fact is that Rhino horn consists of compressed hair. More than 150 Rhinos have been killed just this year and almost 6000 since 2008. It is a travesty that Rhino will go extinct because some bloke that has never seen one want's a hard on.

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