Poachers shot and killed in Kruger Park

Poachers shot and killed in Kruger ParkThis according to KNP Managing Executive, Glenn Phillips, who confirmed that after at least two sets of visitors informed the authorities about this suspect, a helicopter with the assistance of the K9 Specialised dog unit was deployed to attend to the matter.

He said in the subsequent search by Rangers it appeared that the man was not alone, as he was found with a second suspect in the bush. “As the Rangers ordered the men to surrender they opened fire and a shoot-out ensued with Rangers, in which both suspects were fatally wounded and a high calibre hunting rifle was recovered.”

According to Phillips the matter is now under Police investigation and surveillance of the area is continuing to determine if any animals were killed or if there are more suspects in the vicinity.

Phillips also expressed appreciation for the assistance of the visitors in reporting the matter and encouraged members of the public to report any suspicious individual seen in the Park to the nearest camp or to call the KNP’s emergency numbers on 013 735 0197 or 076 801 9679.
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