Hyena trapped in Lower Sabie rest camp.

Hyena trapped in Lower Sabie rest camp.A Hyena spotted within the camp at Lower Sabie in the Kruger National Park was trapped and removed from the camp.

"The Hyena that was seen in the Lower Sabie rest camp was trapped and removed from the camp" we were told by Glenn Phillips, Managing Executive at the Kruger national Park.

Sean de la Harpe-Parker thinks "I do not understand what all the hype is about. We used to have bush dinners, unfenced, and had hyena, badger, lion, elephant, buffalo and rhino get pretty close. In all my years of going to Kruger we have regularly seen hyena in the camps. From my understanding, hyena and leopard are common intruders and usually go about their business unnoticed. Ever since the child got bitten, there has been a bit of a knee jerk reaction. Kruger is still a much safer place than any city or town in SA."

Facebook user David Coetzer says "Many animals go into the camps. Have just seen a photo of a civet in Lower Sabie. We the visitors must be on our guard. This is their home, not ours!"

Facebook user Ildiko Richardson said "LOL, we were at Ngwenya in June.They have all these awesome metal statues dotted around the grounds. One morning walking to the hide i see the "statue"of a buffalo and comment to my daughter how real it looks. Next thing this thing turns its head and flicks an ear........ holy ^&%^ its a real buffalo in between lodge 35-36 . SERIOUSLY way to kick start your heart a little."

Hyena in Lower sabie rest camp

Facebook user Jan Steyn claims that it's old news, He said "you will bee surprised about these chappies, come and go as they please. WHY ? Because the PUBLIC FEED them."

Fernando Moisés asked "I have a tendency of walking to the shops throughout the camp at night and I always use Berg en Darl, how safe am I?"

Cheryl Hesom had a hyena come onto the deck, while staying at the Lower Sabie tents during the night, a few years back. It also raided the bins.

It seems to me that this is not an isolated case, although attacks are very rare. Visitors have been advised not to walk alone or allow children to walk around in the Camp at night. It is advisable to stay away from bushy areas in a situation like this and use the well lit paths.
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Hyena trapped in Lower Sabie rest camp.

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