How wolves change rivers

How wolves change riversConservation is a delicate subject to some, To others it's black and white and none can change their minds, Conservation sometimes has to lead to tough choices. Humans have had an impact on wildlife from the beginning of evolution of the great apes, People eat other animals and in times gone by some even ate other people.

Hunting is a touchy subject, some will hunt, others would rather buy there meat from supermarkets where no animals were harmed in the making of their steaks. I personally am not a hunter, yet I know and understand the reasons for hunting. I know that in countries where hunting is banned, Game numbers are decreasing and in countries where hunting is encouraged they are growing, funny that, but it all comes down to the almighty buck.

It costs money to keep an eco-system pristine. Basic economics tells us that a farmer owns land to earn a living. There are a few things the farmer can do, He can grow crops and destroy all life in the fields that compete with his crops, He can farm with livestock, once again at war with predators and competing grazers. He can also farm with nature, breeding game, protecting eco systems and so forth.

For every large mammal roaming the land up to 4000 species of fauna and flora survive in a well manged environment. Now said farmer now called a game rancher also needs to make a living from the land. He has two options, eco-tourism where he allows people onto his land to view the animals and take photos of them. Even in this scenario he has to manage the wildlife to ensure that they don't destroy the eco-system by exceeding the carrying capacity of the land. At some point a predator has to be introduced to keep the numbers manageable. On a small game farm this is not a viable option as the predators will need to kill more game annually than the farm can produce.

If the herds grow to the level that they exceed the carrying capacity of the land, they will destroy the food and all the animals will die of hunger. Culling becomes the only option, Hunters get to play the part of the predator. People hunt for various reasons, there are the so called animal lovers that want to display trophies of their kills, This makes no sense to me because the only reason I would hunt is for the pot, but facts are that trophy hunters will pay far more for an animal than a meat hunter will.

It is estimated that the average hunters bring in 40 x more than the average camera tourist. Farmers chasing the dollar will always be willing to breed and allow animals to reach record proportions because it is economically the best option for the farmer. Having said that I am absolutely against canned hunting and unethical hunting practices. Shooting a prize Kudu bull from the back of a vehicle with lights at night is not hunting, it's murder. Canned hunting takes no skill other than pointing a rifle at a beast and pulling the trigger.

It is imperative to have a complete circle in any eco-system, The video below tells about Wolves being reintroduced to the Yellowstone park in the states and the effect that it had on the park.

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