Do not feed the animals in the Kruger National Park

Do not feed the animals in the Kruger National ParkFeeding animals leads to one of two results both related to Animals viewing cars as a source of food. Hyena puppies are cute and like my bull terrier pup will eat anything they find, Finding that cars are a source of food, these creatures will sit along the road waiting to be fed. It's only a matter of time before some speeding vehicle knocks it over, or the Animal becomes aggressive and attacks someone. See Hyena attack at Crocodile bridge
do not feed the hyenas

I lived in a coastal town for two years and we had a monkey problem. Every year the holiday makers would arrive and feed the cute monkeys, going home and leaving the locals to clean up the mess, The monkeys became unafraid of humans and children and women walking to the local shop to get bread and milk would get mugged by them.

This would lead to them having to be euthanised or culled, This is exactly the same result feeding animals in the park leads to. If you love animals and want the Kruger National Park and other game parks to remain wild don't do what this idiot in the video is doing. If you see something like this and you video it, get the registration number as well so that they can be charged.

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