Cape Buffalo attack lions

Cape Buffalo attack lionsCape Buffalo (Syncerus caffer) are renowned for being wily and dangerous creatures and one of the Big 5. Hunters tell tales of wounded Buffalo circling round and attacking from the rear. It is estimated that Buffalo kill 200 people a year.

Although being bovine the Cape Buffalo is only distantly related to the other large bovine mammals, They are also not an ancestor of domestic cattle and have never been domesticated because of their unpredictable nature.

Adult Cape Buffalo's horns are it's distinctive feature. they have fused bases froming a bone shield known as a "boss" The Cape Buffalo has few predators, Humans and Lions are the only species that will hunt the Cape Buffalo. When hunting Buffalo their predators are risking their lives.

In the video attached you will see how terrified a lion is trapped by Buffalo and also the sheer brute strength of a Buffalo.

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