South African Safari Guide complains about little kak complaints

South African Safari Guide complains about little kak complaintsGuide Ruan Mey posted a complaint in a group Guides and Rangers on facebook, He soon deleted it because he knew he was getting spanked in the comments.

Ruan Mey said "Hi guys, this is a message from the Guides & Rangers admin team. Please read I'll make it as short as possible. It's been noticed that a lot of people have been taking pictures of guides lately and posting it to this group with negative feelings. Please stop doing this, you do not realise what impact you can have on a person's career by doing this. We have been seeing pictures posted of guides with the left wheels of the tar road and the post was complaining about this behaviour. Believe me, we don't do this because I want to get 1 m closer to the animal...that's why we have cameras! We sometimes do this to create space because as any kruger(sic) fanatic will know, traffic can be expected at a proper sighting.

Remember that we take around people who have never even seen an impala before, so sometimes we are under pressure to give that 'once in a lifetime experience'. But please take note, we do not agree with any unethical behaviour. We just simply want to ask that you guys stop posting little kak complaints to the group about guides. Rather concentrate on the important issues. And somebody really misbehave and you would like to report it, do it via the correct channels then. Thank you."

Ruan seems to think that little infractions by Guides are not as important as the same infractions by the public, I for one have had more than one bad experience with rangers parking right in front of me at a sighting, The manners and the lack of consideration for other visitors seeking a once in a life time experience matter not one hoot to the likes of Ruan Mey and his accomplices.

Despite agreements with SANParks it is known that the guides communicate by radio, are surly toward other visitors in the park and basically think that there making a big tip supercedes others rights to a great experience. Fact are that there may be some ethical and well behaved guides in the Open safari Vehicles in the Kruger but they are out numbered by the rude obnoxious types that we all talk about and would love to gently remind that they are being rude.

It is also pretty obvious that very little is acomplished by reporting these delinquents to the authorities because, it's the same vehicles that are creating the bad experience week after week.

Mark Roxburgh face book user commented "Whilst I sympathize with your sentiment, you actually acknowledge the real issue - you are under pressure to give that 'once in a lifetime experience'. You also need to consider that perhaps the member of the public you have have blocked may also be looking for that same once in a lifetime experience!
Maybe the social media forums are used excessively for minor complaints, but when no feedback is given to reports made through the correct channel, people start to question whether in fact there is any disciplinary action meeted out. This becomes more so when certain companies seem to feature in most of the complaints. You say you (collectively or individually?) don't agree with unethical behaviour. There will always be the good guys with some form of ethics, however I am certain you all use radios to pass information about sightings - is this ethical in light of the Service Agreement that precludes the use of radios? Sorry to burst your bubble, you may consider yourself ethical, but I ask you if, hand on heart, you can say that you always fully comply with both the FGASA Code of Conduct as well as the Rules of the SANParks. If not your rant is rather hypocritical."

Jarryd Wilson facebook user commented "Disagree with what this tour operator says.. We all looking for that once in a life time sighing.. Their guests are no more special than the tourist in a rental or the local on there 50th visit. Whether they can see it or not they ruining the Kruger experience for everyone! Besides their wallets. Not all but 99% of the tour operators are selfish, rude and don't actually care about anything but big game and making a tip... Kruger is also about the small animals birds and bugs! You are ruining the Kruger way just for an extra "buck"."

Ian McDonald facebook user commented "If only "seeing an impala" was top of the agenda, then we would not have these issues. Unfortunately, very few guides are able to conduct a holistic game drive. At most, a game drive should be conducted at a maximum of 30km/h and attention paid to trees, insects, birds, reptiles and mammals. The problem is that the levels of knowledge and training preclude many guides from being able to offer a holistic game drive. Their knowledge is often limited to only the iconic species resulting in sightings having to be chased. I have been in the wildlife industry for 25 years and I train guides, so I think I have good insight into some of the problems."

Carol Anne Vd Walt facebook user commented "Unfortunately some of the OSV operators are unethical. They have more to "prove" for the big bucks they are being paid. Yes, there are law breakers that travel privately too. No excuse for any law breaking!
But I have mostly experienced rude, bad behaviour from OSV operators and yes they do use their radios to report sitings. And yes very few stop to show their guests the smaller creatures.

We had a situation a few years ago. Cannot remember the rd we travelled but was a gravel rd. We came across a private vehicle and one OSV. The OSV was not willing to show what they had seen but the private people did. Cheetah - they all only caught a glimpse as the cheetah they lay down and were hoping for a reappearance.

We could not see anything but stayed hoping to see them. We had scarcely arrived when we were surrounded by 4 other OSV all pushing and maneuvering to get their guests in the best possible position. I reversed totally out the way as we could not see for all the OSVs. Decided to sit and have Coffee and snack. After about 20 minutes - no sighting - radios crackled and all OSVs raced off, all trying to be first at the next sighting.

We finished our coffee and as I started the vehicle up popped 2 beautiful cheetah. We were all alone and had a lovely sighting as they posed for photos."
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