10 places not to miss when visiting the Lowveld.

10 places not to miss when visiting the Lowveld.

The Kruger National Park

The most famous place of them all and the most obvious of the lot is the biggest game reserve in the world. This big 5 reserve has everything from ants to elephants for the tourist interested in conservation. There are over 100 mammals, from the shrew to the big 5.
Elephant, Rhino, Buffalo, Lion and Leopard roam the bush here at will. I personally have never been into the park without seeing at least 3 of the big 5, even on just a quick visit to my favourite hide near Skukuza for the morning.
Kruger National Park Landscape

Sudwala Caves

At the Sudwala Caves you can see the dinosaur park, get up close to the Crocodiles and join the tour of the caves. There are some awesome sights and sounds inside the caves. You have to book for the crystal tour and it is not recommended for the claustrophobic, The tight squeeze through to the inner caves is worth it, I have been told.

The Big Swing at Sabie

If you are the type that likes jumping off bridges on a piece of bungee cord, the swing may just be what you are looking for, The platform is on the side of the Sabie Gorge, you jump off and swing across the gorge and end up hanging in the middle of it, You can calm your adrenalin by having a beer or three at the pub on the other side.


Get up close and personal with the endangered vultures, cheetahs and even the ground horn-bill, Maholoholo rescues animals that have been hurt, nurses them back to health and then releases them back into the wild. If you are there at feeding time you may even be able to feed the vultures. Maholoholo is near Hoedspruit.

Chimp Eden

Meet the gang at Chimp Eden on the Barberton road just outside Nelspruit, Chimp Eden rescues Chimps that have been victims of the pet trade or illegal hunters, The farm near Nelspruit was chosen because the fauna comes close to resembling the natural habitat of the chimps. They are kept in a large camp allowing them to forage, climb trees and do natural chimp activities, sadly chimps are rarely released back into the wild successfully so places like Chimp Eden need to exist for Chimps rudely removed from their own world to mix with humans.
Chimpanzee at Chimp Eden

Elephant Whispers

Elephant whispers at Hazyview allows you to see an elephant eye to eye, go for a ride on this majestic beast's back. While you are in the area you can go on the treetop slide, go white water rafting or ride a quad bike through the bush.
Elephant Whispers Hazyview


Kaapsehoop is a historic mountain town at Duiwelskantoor as it was named by the early prospectors, The scenery is different to what you would see in most other places and differs from one part of Kaapsehoop to the next. There are a few hikes, some historic ruins, San art, waterfalls, amazing views and the historic graveyard to explore. The world renowned wild horses will cross your path right in the center of town. There are a number of Restaurants and tea gardens in town.


Barberton is the site of the cradle of life, The oldest rocks in the world are found at Barberton, It is also the scene of Gold mining history with the first Stock exchange on African soil. View the original homes, museums and much scenic beauty and wonder.
Historic church Barberton

The Potholes

Bourkes Luck Potholes are a famous landmark near Sabie and the Blijde River canyon, on the Panorama route where you will find the Pinnacle, the three rondawels, Gods window, where on a clear day it is said you can see the ocean in Mozambique.

Zasm falls

The Zasm falls between Waterval Boven and Waterval Onder are majestic and also the site of the Tunnel built in the 19th century to facilitate the railways to go down the escarpment. Nearby is the 5 arch bridge, both feats of engineering from the 19th century that is awe inspiring even to modern day Engineers. Don't take any risks here though as it is a place known for muggings.
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