About Us

This is the story of Guy and Mel looking for adventure and exploring our world. We have an 87 Mitsubishi L300 and are going to build a camper home on the back of it. We are starting our explorations with day trips in our own back yard and maybe even a little further afield. We will be Couch Surfing, Camping, and staying in the odd bed and breakfast as well. We will also be opening up our home to couch surfers again

We will post reviews of every place we stay, every place we eat, every adventure activity we partake of. The goal is to see as much of Southern Africa as possible with the smallest budget possible.

Reviews, Paid reviews and sponsors

We will be accepting invitations to tourist must sees, restaurants and venues in exchange for a sponsored review. A sponsored review will include the words sponsored review. It is not a paid review because the sponsorship is purely the cost of entry, the cost of the meal or the cost of the accommodation. We don't exaggerate or write copy that we don't stand by

Paid reviews will be labeled paid reviews, Once again we will not be dishonest about your venue, Paid reviews get the added benefit of being one of the sponsored links above every blog and review that we publish for a period of 2 months in rotation with all other sponsored links. Paid for reviews cost R 2500.00

What will we review?

We will review any camping equipment, tech and goods used for camping, If you want to lend us a 4x4 with a bush trailer to review we will consider that as well, We review restaurants, lodges, hotels, tourism venues, vehicles and anything that will be of use to tourists, campers, day trippers and explorers.

Other Services we offer

I will photograph your lodge and or venue and supply a disk of photos for your use as Royalty free, I don't much care how many copies you print, use in adverts etc. For an investment of only R 6000.00 and at least three days at your venue, day 1 is more for scouting locations and day 2 and 3 are for getting the best early morning and late afternoon shots, you get the advantages of a paid review, a disk full of photo's edited and unedited.

We also do web design, development and hosting of Search Engine Optimised websites from only R 8000.00 with monthly hosting as low as R129.00. This service includes photography, development, setting up a co.za domain and ensuring that we get Google results that matter. We will also use our social media presence to boost your traffic.