The adventures of Guy and Mel as they explore the world starting with their back yard. Guy woke up one morning after certain mammoth events occurred making him face his mortality, he is now the oldest of the McLaren line and probably the next to shuffle off, The realization that spending the rest of the time he has left on this earth doing the same thing he has done made him talk to Mel and they have decided to make the rest of their lives an adventure. This is where you can follow the explorations and adventures of Guy, Mel and their trusty steed, and the dogs. (The cats don't like travelling but they may just be up for it with some training)

The Trail Dust Blog

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The towns we have visited

Kaapsehoop is a historic mining town less than 20 minutes from my front door, You could easily spend a week or more exploring just this town and it's surroundings...more
Nelspruit is the capital of Mpumalanga and is in the Easter part of South Africa, previously known as the Eastern Transvaal...more